Craft Your Legacy in Rare Spirits

Be part of an exclusive community leveraging dynamic digital traits to tokenise luxury spirit craftsmanship itself!

Project Highlights


Real World Assets

Evolving digital traits enable physical whiskey production! 

Heavily Awarded

We are working with arguably the world's best whiskey crafter. 

Fair Launch

We believe in a fair mint. Everyone pays the lowest bid.  

Stored Value
Your primary NFT  yields multiple releases over time. 

Exclusive Access


Your attributes become your portal, your lineage, a key to enabling you to blend the imaginary into your own physical unique spirit. Creations that nearly defy the laws of reality.

Collaborate with other holders, or steer your own course. It is your choice at every turn!

Premium Real World Spirits


We’re redefining the concept of rarity and creating a new golden standard of liquidity which is ‘Genuinely Liquid’.  

Enhance, and modify your own virtual ‘Storage’ spaces that represent your warehouse of valuables.

Trade Virtual Traits


Govern your own virtual warehouses using exclusive collectables which enable holders to access worlds not bound by physics and laws… join a collective about to push the frontier of time and reality... to bring you real world realisation of your own premium blend. 


A new store of value never seen before.

Available Tiers



Project wide entry


0.22 ETH

Est. 820 MATIC 


Even allocation of spirit types via random drop

Random allocation of capabilities

First 500 minted bonus airdrop*

Fair distribution of entitlements 
(1:1 with price)

Join our Discord to learn about a series of reverse auction lightning rounds.

Merchant (Loaded)

Premium position


0.37 ETH

Est. 1245 MATIC 

Guaranteed allocation of ALL cask types 

Guaranteed allocation of ALL capabilities 

Guaranteed bonus airdrop*

Additional entitlements (1:1 with price)

Join our Discord to learn about a series of reverse auction lightning rounds.

* The bonus tokens comprises of 'burn to redeem' entitlements. The first 500 NFTs minted during our Public Mint will score additional 'tradable traits' linked to their Merchant. 

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Metaverse Merchants Roadmap


Access technology options & research opportunities*

Secure technology partners

Secure ultra-premium grade Malt

Launch Web3 presence

Launch supporting Web2 socials (for Traditional Collectors)

Engage core artist

Engage team

Smart contract development

Extend existing ‘Dynamic Traits’ (Stackable ERC-1155)

Extend contract with ‘Time Based Evolving trait’ functionality

Complete collection art

FIAT payments module

Deploy / Test

VIP IRL tasting & presale

FREE mint | 11/03

Public mint | 12/03

Art reveal

Airdrop 'MVM Evolving Traits'


Building sub communities of whiskey collectors & whiskey loving NFT degens

Onboarding key partnerships

Extending ‘Dynamic Trait Burn’ 
(for RWA child NFT workflow)

Auction Rounds

Holder education materials


Burn capability advancement

Ongoing IRL events

Additional RWA acquisition

Child NFT art for RWAs

Explore buyback opportunities

Collab whiskey release 5yrs

Collab whiskey release 11yrs

Collab whiskey release 29yrs

* From the beginning we wished to break new territory and contribute to the advancement of what is possible within the world of NFTs

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